Almond Flour In A Nutshell!

Almond Flour In A Nutshell!

Every pet parent wishes to go that extra mile to try and make cool new lip-smacking treats for the furry ones. During such times, we befriend the pet parents on WhatsApp Groups or Google! But most of the recipes we stumble upon on the internet suggest using all-purpose flour to make pet-friendly treats for pets. It doesn’t sound like a very healthy option given that all-purpose flour is neither the best for some of our diets nor would it be ideal for our furry babies too. So what are the alternatives in such a scenario?

As there has been a surge of health freaks in the last few years because people have been adopting different alternatives for health benefits. Similarly, almond flour can be a great option for you to use for your pet’s treats. Using almond flour can enhance the treat's taste and act as a fantastic source of nutrients for your furry baby. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

 Almond flour is made by blanching almonds in boiling water in a nutshell ( pun intended indeed! ). Once they’ve cooled, you can peel them easily and blend the deskinned almonds into the mixer grinder.

Almond flour is not only rich in protein but an excellent source of fibre, vitamin E, copper, phosphorous, and other essential minerals. Almond flour also adds a moist texture complementing the treat and giving a nutty edge. It is the perfect gluten-free option for canines that are gluten intolerant or suffering from bloating issues.

Don’t be under the impression that your furry one can snag an extra chunk or three just because you’ve opted for a healthier option. Portion control is still the ideal to follow for a healthy life. While almond flour is healthy, the sugar content level is extremely high. Pooches are advised against treats or foods containing a higher sugar content. It can lead to hyperactivity, lethargy, weight gain, dental problems, and increased heart rate. Therefore, keep your treats portion to 1 or 2 chunks of the treat in a day and don't let it go nutzz!

It is advisable to consult your veterinarian before taking the plunge and making this switch. Your furry baby always has to be introduced to items slowly and steadily. However, if you notice symptoms like diarrhoea or vomiting after he or she has had a fair share of the treats, do take him to the vet! Each dog is different. Their tummy troubles are different. Some may revolt against the idea of almonds and almond flour!

While preparing treats for your furry baby, remember to cross-check if every ingredient is safe and pet friendly. If not, speak to your vet to see the other options you can explore. If your furry one is allergic to almonds or almond flour, try using either oat flour, coconut flour, or multi-grain flour. Even if you aren’t able to bake em’ handmade treats with love, they all anyway only knead some love!