Toys for Felines

Toys for Felines

As most people are advised to stay indoors due the current pandemic, this time can be used most constructively. Is your feline active enough? Most cat parents can agree that their furry ones need an engaging playtime.

How about some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Toys to keep your felines engaged and entertained?

Here’s a list of simple toys that can be made with articles available at home.

Sock Toys

Misplaced one sock of the pair? You can stuff the sock with packing paper or thick cloth to make it look like a stuffed toy. Stitch the open end of the sock to ensure your packing doesn’t fall out. Don’t over fill it if you want it to look like a stuffed fish with a tail.

Cat Wand

The wand is made of a PVC pipe covered in colourful fabric or can be braided. It needs to be held by an attractive string that will have one of their favourite toys suspended on the other end.

Fabric Rattle Balls

Take a rattle ball and cover it well with a fabric. Make sure to cover it well while hiding the loose end nicely. The fabric should be glued to the ball, so that it does not release. 

Cat Puzzle Toy

Cut holes in a transparent food container not in use, make sure to keep the edges blunt to avoid hurting the furry one’s paws. Fill the container with toys and treats so that while looking at it your cat will flip over. Close the container and let your feline enjoy her playtime.

Fleece Ball

Cut the fleece to about 2 inches wide. It can be as long as you like but essentially keep it at least a foot long. Fold the strip in half lengthwise. Make tiny cuts to the whole strip without reaching or cutting the fold. Now unfold the fleece and tightly roll it together with the cut edges on top. Take a fine string and tie it around. Keep rolling the fleece strips together to make it look like a ball. Ensure that the string is left long enough so that the ball can be suspended.