DIY Wool Toys for Cats

DIY Wool Toys for Cats

Felines love to play and are very active beings. As cat parents you have to keep up to their game. In this current challenging time, it is difficult to buy toys for your felines. We’re just about to give you an idea!

Here’s an attractive DIY Wool Toy that your feline will absolutely adore!

1. Woollen Pom Pom

Requirements: Two different coloured yarns of wool and a pair of scissors.

Steps: Take one end of the yarn and wrap it around your fingers. Now keep wrapping the wool around your fingers till you feel it’s about the right size (bigger than the mouth of your cat). Cut one little piece of wool to secure the ball of wool that you just made. First tie it on one side and then the other. Once tied firmly, use the pair of scissors and cut the loops on both sides to make it look like a pom pom.

You can do this with just one colour of yarn or you can add more to make it look colourful and attractive.

It can be left as is or can be combed out to look fluffier.

2. Cat Toy Puff

Requirements: Two pieces of cardboard for your circles, one yarn of wool and a pair of scissors.

Steps: Trace and cut the cardboard to form big circles, they should be bigger than the mouth of your cat. Now cut a slot till the centre forming a tiny circle inside. You can remove the piece of the inner circle cardboard making it a see through. Place both the circles together.

Start covering the circle with wool beginning at the slot till you complete the entire circle leaving little space at the other end of the slot from where you began covering. Begin cutting all the loops to divide the two cardboard circles. Now cut a piece of wool and tie it well in between the two circles thus dividing them further.

Open the slot and release the whole puff from one side. Your hanging puff toy is ready!