DIY Toys for Your Dog While in Quarantine

DIY Toys for Your Dog While in Quarantine

As most individuals are advised to stay indoors, this is the best opportunity to spend time with your pets. Wondering how you would do that?

Have you gotten toys for your furry one and watched them being ripped apart instantly? We’re here with a solution for just that!

Heard about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Toys?

Here are a few ideas to make toys for your pooch!

Ball Tug Toy

An old T-shirt can cut into three strategic places. Take a tennis ball, place it inside two of the pieces and take the smallest piece of cloth to tie the toy together. The remaining pieces can be cut into strips and can be further braided.

Plastic Bottle Tug Toy

If you happen to have a plastic bottle at home, you can use it for a little while before tossing into the garbage. All you need is about18 inches of bed sheet. Cut four 1-inch strips to be used to tie around. The rest of the fabric is wrapped around the bottle like paper around a sub sandwich. The 1-inch strips will tied after wrapping the fabric around. The rest of the hanging fabric can be braided. 

Tshirt Rope Toy

You sure have a stack of old t-shirts that you don’t wear. For this toy, you will need thin strips of cloth that when braided look colourful. But to make it a rope toy, you’ll need 12 strings of cloth about 36 inches long to braid it into a rope using the friendship bracelet method.

NoSew Denim Dog Toy

Old jeans don’t fit any longer? Here’s what you can do – Cut the pant legs into long strips and lay them in a cross shape flat. You then have to flip and fold the legs into knots.

Simple Sock Toy

Do you have a new pair of socks that you haven’t used? Here’s what you can do. You can stuff a water bottle inside the sock. Tie both ends of the sock with a twine but for longer use its best to hem both ends of the sock.

Frozen Toy

Take a long sock, tie one end of it, soak it in water and then freeze it. It becomes a new frozen chewy toy for your furry one.

Chase Stick

A good game of chase is equal to a workout for your pooch. It works like a cat wand. This stick is made of a PVC pipe covered in colourful fabric and could have one of their favourite toys at the other end (like a rope toy).