DIY Playpen for Dogs!

DIY Playpen for Dogs!

All play all day means no dull days for your pup! Yes, it does sound fun and canines deserve to have all the fun. But, as we pet parents need to go on with our daily duties, it gets challenging supervise our furry ones. Due to this reason, canines have restrictions on their playtime. It is not fair to put restrictions on your canine’s playtime. However, it is not a viable option to leave them unsupervised. What can you do to avoid any mishap then?

Well, we have an answer! Ever thought of building your little one a playpen from scratch!? It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, indoors or outdoors, a playpen will allow your furry baby to do his or her own thing when we cannot be around to watch them. The playpens available in the market might not be the right one for your house or your pet. Instead of spending time finding the perfect playpen, DIY it!

Making a playpen can give you the leeway to customize and curate it according to the space in your home and the requirement of your pup. You can do trials with your pup and see what he or she is seeming relaxed in. Go on now, wear your construction hats and let’s Bob The Builder this up for your adorable one!

Here’s all the material you need:

  • 2 Sheets of 4 x 8 size Plywood
  • 7 Lumber’s of 2 x 3 size (Timber or also known as beams and planks)
  • 12feet by 4feet Linoleum for the flooring (You can use any other preferred material for the flooring)
  • 2 feet tall Chicken wire mesh
  • Construction adhesive
  • Pet-friendly paint
  • Staples
  • Screws

Here are all the tools you need:

  • Drill
  • Chop saw
  • Circular saw
  • Staple gun
  • Box cutter

The 4 x 8 plywood will act as a base for the pen. It will give the linoleum a strong sheet to stand on. This is a preferable and a much better alternative to a carpet base. Cut the other piece of plywood in half i.e. 4 feet. Attach the full piece of ply along with a half, creating a 12 feet long base. The linoleum roll is 12 feet long and will perfectly fit on the base.

Touch up all the base edges to ensure that it is a clean seam. If you wish to, you may screw the plywood through a carpet underneath. It will make the base sturdier and stronger. It will also prepare the base to hold the fence. Ensure that all the screws flush (have a countersunk base) so that they don't affect the linoleum.

Take the linoleum sheet and attach it to the base. You may screw it down and pinch it to the fence. You can also stick it using a construction adhesive. It will allow the linoleum to stay in place and is very helpful if you furry one is a larger breed. Make sure no air bubbles are formed on the sheet whilst sticking it to the base.

Now that your base is ready, move on to building the fence. Take 2.5 inches of (slat) wooden frame, keep two frames parallel and attach them by using another 2.5-inch frame. The parallel frames are spaced every two feet. This will give an even look all around the pen and also secure it. Continue with the same process to build the overall fence for the pen.

The height of the fence will be 24 inch that is perfect for the size of chicken wire mesh you’ve purchased.

When the fence is ready screw the 2 x 3 lumber to the plywood. Then, work on the layout for the top rail and the uprights. Screw the uprights to the top rail using the butt joints technique. It is a technique in which two pieces of material are joined by simply placing their ends together.

While building the fence do not forget to leave one side of the pen open. It will allow your pet to enter and exit it. Once your pet is in it push it against a wall to close the pen. This way, you can save the effort of preparing a door. You can also attach this pen to your pup’s cage or crate. 

After assembling the fence, you might want to give it a different colour to match the vibe of your house. Take the fence outdoor and paint it using the colour of your choice. If you’re going to paint it indoors, place a huge chunk of the newspaper on the floor. This will ensure that the paint doesn’t get onto the floor. Let the paint dry and you can then move on to attaching the chicken wire mesh.

To attach the mesh all you have to do is staple it to the fence using a staple gun. You don’t have to measure or trim the mesh because the size mentioned matches the height of the fence. Stretch and pull the chicken wire in both directions while stapling it, so that it is taut and doesn’t sag.

After the chicken wire is installed, flip the fence back over and line it up with the plywood. Screw it all down into the plywood, making sure to line each side with the plywood. The playpen is now ready to be used.

You can leave a reusable pee pad in the pen or connect it to the area that is easily accessible for your pet to pee or poop.  You can deck up the space in a homely way by keeping his / her basket of  favourite toys along with a water bowl. Your pet will enjoy staying in this playpen. It is much better than staying in a cage when you’re not home. It will be a mini den for your furry baby.

It's also to give your pet his/her own space in the home. This also inculcates a sense of discipline in your child. It is important for your furry one to follow house rules. This in turn will end up helping you both out in the long run!  

If you are looking for a few new toys to deck up their playpen, you can find them here!