DIY Pet Hammocks

DIY Pet Hammocks

As pet parents, whatever you do for your furry ones may seem little and you definitely want to give them your best. It is certain that you keep finding ways to make your feline’s life more entertaining and enjoyable.

Whether it is in terms of good food, new toys, comfy bedding or something new and attractive. In order to help your furry one relax, here’s a simple DIY Pet Hammock.


For the Frame: (4) 10 inch boards

(Two boards should be placed at a 45 degree angle in the same direction)

              (2) 12 inch boards

(Two boards should be placed at 45 degree angles in the opposite direction)

(4) 13” boards (Cut straight)

2” nails

Fleece: 15” x 24’ piece (1 piece)

              1” x 16” strips (4 pieces)

Step 1:

Form the frame by securing two boards of 10” and one board of 12” together.

Step 2:

Join them both together with four 13” boards. Ensure it is well-secured and sturdy. That’s just about it, your frame is set.

Step 3: Stitch one end of the fleece to each corner of the frame, now tighten the hammock to the frame.

The material is easy to remove and wash. So you can change the fabric as per you choice and it will be a change for your feline as well.