DIY Peek-a-Boo Cat Toy

DIY Peek-a-Boo Cat Toy

Want an activity to keep your furry feline busy? A toy is something that might keep him or her occupied for a few hours but an activity sure will keep him or her busy for a bit. This activity toy will pique his or her curiosity and keep your furry engaged for quite some time.

This cat toy is easy to make and if you add a treat inside it, even better. This will help your furry one maneuver the treat towards the exit hole.


A cardboard box (The dimensions depend on the size of the toy or treat you wish to place inside of it. A long, flat box with enough height to let the toy or treat placed inside roll freely is ideal.) Ruler, pen, glue, a cat toy (ball) or treat, an object to trace the circles that should be slightly larger than the ball and a box cutter.

Step 1:

Draw a line that is parallel to the width of the box. This line is marked for the brace or wall to be placed inside.

Step 2:

Using a circular object bigger than the ball trace out circles on both sides of the drawn line. Do not draw circles on the central line as there will be an internal wall there.

Step 3:

Using a box cutter, now cut out the circles you just drew.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to prepare the internal wall or brace. Measure the dimension of the box to cut the size of the insert you’ll be using as your internal wall. Ensure that the insert is a little thick so that your furry one can play with it without damaging it.

Step 5:

Now cut out some circles on the insert so that it completes the maze for your furry one and his or her toy to pass. Apply glue to the end of the insert and stick it into the box. Let it dry well.

Step 6:

On the other end of the box draw another circle to mark the exit. This will help your furry one retrieve the treat or toy placed inside the box.

That’s about it! You can paint or decorate the box in a way you or your furry one likes it. Now sit back, relax and watch your furry one indulging in a new and engaging activity.

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