DIY Dog Bed Form Cover

DIY Dog Bed Form Cover

If you want to provide comfort and care to your furry baby then creating a washable bedspread or bed cover for your furry one is an ideal project that you can take up. Creating a removable and washable cover for your pet’s bed will help you maintain hygiene. This simple sewing project will transform your pet’s bed into a new one.

Mentioned below are the materials you need you DIY this project:

Ticking Fabric (the size of the fabric should be one and a half (1-1/2) inches longer than the size of your pet’s bed)

Patterned Cloth/ Table Cloth (It is a co-ordinating fabric, the size of this fabric should also be one and a half (1-1/2) inches longer than the size of your pet’s bed)

  • Needle & Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Cloth pins
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Ribbons (optional)

DIY Dog bed form:

Step 1- Cutting the Fabric

Before you begin with the DIY project, ensure that you have washed all the fabric well. Then measure the size of your furry one’s bed form. Cut a piece of ticking fabric and ensure that the fabric you cut is one and a half times longer than the size of the bed. Now, cut the patterned cloth in a similar way. Since the edges of the table cloth are already hemmed; you can use the same as the opening for the cover.

Step 2- Pin the Fabric

First place the top fabric i.e. table or the patterned cloth upside-down on the floor or on your working surface. Then, place the ticking fabric upside-down over the top fabric. Ensure that the extra material has been folded over. The excess material folded will act as an envelope that will hold the insert in place. Pin up the three sides together, leaving the side with folded envelop open.

Step 3- Sew the Cover

Sew the cover along the pin line; take out the pins as you sew the fabric in place. Trim the excess seam allowance (the extra material between the fabric edges and then stitched line) and loose threads. Now, turn the cover towards the right outer side.

Step 4- Make Ties

Measure 18”x 4” of table cloth fabric or ticking fabric and cut it. Fold the cut fabric in half with the right sides kept together and sew it. Take the help of a long or a blunt object like a capped pen, unsharpened pencil, etc. to turn the tie right-side out. Iron the tie, to flatten it. Create three more ‘ties’ by following the same process.

You can make use of a ribbon to skip this whole step.

Step 5- Finishing

You can hand-stitch the ties or ribbons in the desired places. You can stitch it to the top and bottom sides of the cover so that both the ties are symmetrical and line up when tied. Slide the dog bed form into the cover and secure it with ties.