DIY Crochet Blanket for your Furry Baby

DIY Crochet Blanket for your Furry Baby

It’s no secret to pet parents that your furry babies love snuggling into a blanket. Felines especially love being wrapped into a blanket. It makes them feel safe, comfortable and it provides warmth to them. Instead of purchasing a blanket, grab your crochet hook and DIY a snuggly crochet blanket for your little furry baby.

All you need to create this crochet blanket is a thick yarn, crochet hook (depending on the size of the yarn) and scissors. Make sure the hook you take is as per the size of your yarn. For example, you will need a 5mm, size H crochet hook for a yarn that is one pound thick.

Follow the given steps to get started with your project:

Begin with a slipknot, roll the yarn twice around your finger and insert the yarn into the crochet hook to create a knot. For creating a cat-sized blanket, make sure to create chain 90. But if you’re creating a dog-sized blanket you will have to create chain 120. Make sure to create tight knots so that your furry baby's paw does not get stuck into the knots. Keep creating the knots and once you’re done creating the first chain leave it as it is then begin with the stitched pattern.

To begin with the stitched pattern, you will have to create the second chain from the hook. Insert the hook from the previous loop or the last loop to create the second chain by making single crochet or single knots.

In order to get rid of the nasty crochet track lines, make double crochet or double knots. It creates an illusion of being the solid panel instead of looking like track lines of crochet work. Once you’re done creating the second line of chain, end it with a single crochet knot similar to the way you ended your first chain knot.

Follow the same pattern for creating the chains until your blanket is ready.

Also, make knots keeping in mind that the blanket you’re making has no specific borders. Once you’re done making the chains you will have to secure the knot to make sure that the knots do not open or loosen up. To secure the knot turn the hook or your blanket to another side, insert the hook into the last hoop and create a knot.

One-pound thick yarn will create a nice thick dense blanket for your furry baby. This is a nice Friday night project that you can take up while watching a movie. Your furry baby will surely fall in love with this DIY crochet blanket.