DIY Colourful Rope Leash

DIY Colourful Rope Leash

Taking your furry ones for their daily walk has a positive impact on their overall health. It is their daily physical exercise that provides them mental stimulation, a chance to socialize and helps with behavioural training. But, are you and your furry baby tired of looking at the same boring leash every single day?

Instead of purchasing a new leash, you can now make a DIY new colourful leash for your furry baby. You can also add your furry baby’s initials on the rope to give it a personalized/customized effect.

All you need for this DIY leash is:

  • Rope (its thickness can be according to your choice or liking)
  • A strong glue/ glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A thinner rope
  • A hook to attach the leash
  • Dye (To give it a colourful look- you can use one or many colours to make it look attractive)
  • Alphabet keychain (to add the initials of your pooch)
  • Gloves
  • Towel

Make sure the colour does not have any harmful chemicals to keep your canine safe from any allergy or rash.

To give the rope a different colour, add the colour into a tub or a bucket and dip the rope into the colour. You can have two different colours and dip half of the rope into each different coloured bucket. It will help in giving an ombre effect to your rope. Let the dyed rope dry overnight by leaving it on a spare towel to avoid the transfer of colour onto any other material.

Start by making a big loop on the rope and add glue to stick it. Make sure to keep something heavy beside or over the rope to hold it tightly. Then create a smaller loop on the other end of the rope to insert the hook and add glue to attach it. Keep something heavy on the other side too until the glue dries.

Take the thinner rope and make a smaller loop on the side where the hook is attached. After making the loop, turn the thinner rope around the thicker rope to give it a knot like effect. Secure the thinner rope by adding glue within it / inside the knot like effect. Cut the thinner rope by securing it and follow the same process on the other side or the bigger loop side.

To set the dye on the rope so that the dye doesn’t come off on your hand, take a tub/bucket with water add one fourth cup of salt and a cup of vinegar. Put the dyed rope into the mixture and let it stay overnight. Take the rope out from the mixture and let it dry.

Add the alphabet keychain according to your pooch’s name. It will give your leash a personalized effect. And now your created fancy new leash is ready to be used.