DIY Cat Hammock

DIY Cat Hammock

If you’re not planning to take your furry one for a vacation, help him or her feel like that even when staying at home. A DIY Cat Hammock will do just the deed. It may seem like a new attraction for your furry one this festive season while you’re busy decorating your house as well as putting up the Christmas tree.

This new hammock can now become your furry one’s new favourite joint to hang. He or she may even sleep peacefully on it. Choose a fabric that should help your furry one feel comfortable while also letting it get cozy.  


Pins, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, sewing machine, needle and thread, drill ¼” bit, masking tape, scrap woodblock

Materials: ½ yard fleece, ¼ yard woven fabric, 1 18-inch wood quilting hoops, 6 ¼ inch thick wood slats, 6” long, 12 ¼ inch bolts – ¾” long, 12 ¼ inch wing nuts.

Step 1:

Place one hoop on the fleece and trace it. Cut two sheets of fleece in the shape of the traced circle and pin them together.

Step 2:

Cut six strips of woven fabric each measuring 1-3/4 x 21 inches. Top stitch each strip on the open edge, backstitching at the beginning and the end. Tie a knot at the end of every strip.

Step 3:

Fold each strip in half and space them evenly around one of the fleece circle with the folded end aligned at the edge. Pin the fleece circles right sides together with the ties in the center.

Step 4:

Stitch the circle with about 3/8” hem length, leaving a little opening for turning. Backstitch each strap as you sew. Now turning the hammock to the right side, using a needle and thread stitch the open bit with a blind stitch.

Step 5:

Measure the outside circumference of the hoops and divide the total by six. Align the hoops by tightening the blocks and mark the hoop with six equally spaced out measurements.

Step 6:

Holding a block of wood, use a ¼-inch drill bit to drill holes on the six markings of the hoop. Use masking tape to secure the wood slats together.

Step 7:

Now assemble the wooden slat on the inside of the hoop and attach a bolt through the holes. Secure them with wing nuts. Repeat again with the second hoop at the other end of each slat.

Step 8:

Now tie the hammock to the top hoop. Secure it firm and it is ready for your furry one to hang out.

Place this in his or her favourite spot in the house, add a few of your furry one’s most loved toys too.