DIY Car Hammock for Pets

DIY Car Hammock for Pets

You can now create a DIY a backseat hammock for your furry one. It will not only save you the task of cleaning your car but will also be a lovely and comfortable seat for your furry baby.

All your need for this DIY project is:

  • 3 yards of outdoor fabric
  • Old towels
  • 4 yards of webbing
  • parachute buckles
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

Work along the given steps to create this awesome car hammock:

Step 1:
To create the hammock, you will have to select three yards of thick/heavy outdoor fabric. Using outdoor fabrics is good for pets as it is more likely to fight off stains and withstand heavy wear. The material/ fabric chosen must be able to disguise the mud and your pooch’s fur.

Step 2:
Fold the three yards of fabric into half and sew it in the way in which you are creating a sleeping bag that is you are leaving one end open. You can make use of your old towels at home to create a lining. Lay the towels in a way where it should look like you have almost created a bed on the hammock. It will give a cushion-like effect to your hammock.

Step 3:
Sew the towels to the outdoor material according to the position you have placed them. If you face difficulty in sewing the towels with the sewing machine, you can sew the towels with your hand using a thick needle and thread.

Step 4:
After creating the base of the hammock, the next step is to attach parachute buckles and webbing to it. Your hammock will have four ends, attach a buckle at each end, the padded piece should be able to be hooked at the four headrests of the car. Your car hammock is now ready to be used, creating this will make sure that your canine is safe and comfortable. 

Step 5:
Install the hammock into your car, make sure the hammock is properly hooked into the car.

You can use the car hammock whenever you decide to take your furry one for a ride. It will surely keep him/her comfortable during each and every ride. All you will have to clean is the hammock, which will be an easy task due to the outdoor fabric that is used.