DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

Looking at all the colourful birds flying past your home is indeed exciting. You sure have, at least once, while watching them have wished to do something for these feathered beauties. Here’s a simple DIY Bottle Bird Feeder with all the supplies available at home itself. It is easy to make and lets your kids identify all the types of birds that stopover for a quick bite.


An empty bottle, yarn, razor, funnel, wooden spoons and bird seed. Add some paint or stickers to make your bottle look fancy.

Step 1:

With your razor carefully carve a dome on one side of the bottle. Cut a similar dome on the exact opposite side slightly lower than this one so as to let the food pass onto the spoon. You can add another set of holes to invite more birds, but for that you’ll need to ensure that your bottle is strong enough.

Step 2:

Now push the spoon inside the carved dome in such a way so as to let the food fall onto the spoon so that your feathered friends can grab a bite. The flap of the dome ensures that too much doesn’t fall off.

Step 3:

Now place a funnel onto the mouth of your bottle and pour in your bird seed. Let some fall out onto the spoons too, but no too much.

Step 4:

Now fix the cap of your bottle and add yarn around the neck of the bottle so that you can hang it out. You can paint or add stickers to the bottle before you place it.

Don’t forget to hand it in your yard to attract all the colourful birds!