DIY a Suitcase Bed For your Furry One!

DIY a Suitcase Bed For your Furry One!

Looking for ways to show affection to your furry one? We’ve got you! You can DIY a pet bed for your furry one from a vintage suitcase instead of purchasing a ready one from the market.

You can make an adorable bed for your pet by recycling a vintage suitcase. All you need to DIY a bed is a vintage suitcase, pillow, colourful fabric, glue stick, glue gun, paint, paintbrush and some of your creativity.

Step 1: You might want to take out the lining inside the suitcase if it is too old and not in a great shape. You can keep the lining if it is great and especially if it has pockets to store your furry ones toys.

Step 2: If you take out the lining you will have to cover the inner suitcase by fabric. Cut a piece of colourful fabric that is enough to cover the inner part of the suitcase. Ensure that the fabric is attractive to your furry one.  

Step 3: Add sufficient amount of glue and attach the fabric leaving the edges around the suitcase. Press the fabric inside and smoothen it without leaving any crease or air bubbles.

Step 4: Trim the extra fabric left on the edges. One can add a decorative trim around the edges to give it a neat and clean look.

Step 5: One can paint the suitcase with bright colours and add other decorative items to make it look creative. If you have painted the suitcase make sure the paint has dried up before you head to the next step. You can add your furry one’s name on the suitcase and now the customisation also has been taken care of.

Step 6: You will need to need to get a pillow according to the size of your suitcase so that it fits well into the case. Tuck the pillow well into the case that completes your furry one's suitcase bed.

One can choose to keep or remove the suitcase lid. Keeping the suitcase lid will help to cover the bed and make it portable to carry whenever you travel.